Jumat, 20 April 2012

Download Draw Something for Mac

Draw Something is more than a simple Pictionary clone. While it stems off the same concept that has been used over and over, there are no time limits and no punishments for incorrect guesses. Download Mac Apps. These aspects, along with the one-on-one setting, remove any sense of competition from the game. The resulting experience is less a game, and more an insight into individual personalities.

Draw Something

I met Mr. Frost in one of my first matches. Over the next few days, we played when we had time. We're about 50 rounds in so far, and we haven't missed a word yet. Our pictures started as silly little sketches consisting of only black and primary colors and evolved into vivid scenes and occasionally hilarious situations. I didn't just get to sit back and watch my own ability grow—my artistic ability has indeed grown, at least by Draw Something standards—I also got to watch someone else grow alongside me.

Download Draw Something

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